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The Rehabilitation Center:

Do you plan your operation (hip- or knee-replacement) to be performed in Germany in combination with a post-operation rehabilitation treatment?

The operation procedure of a hip- or knee- replacement and the implantation of the artificial joint prothesis is a massive strain and stress for the human body which can lead to a reduced motion function of the operated as well as related  joints. This makes a rehabilitation therapy conducted by competent personal mandatory.
Additional procedure related side effects (i.e. anesthetic complications, postoperative hematoma, pain, etc.) may have a negative influence to the patient’s general condition.
To optimize reconditioning and curing progress a postoperative rehabilitation treatment and therapy in a specialized rehabilitation institution is highly recommended.

The rehabilitation hospital Reha-Klinik Hausbaden, Badenweiler/Germany provides a full service in rehabilitation therapy with a competent, professional and highly motivated team of specialized doctors in orthopaedics and physical rehabilitation medicine, physio- and ergotherapeuts, massage professionals, nutrition consultants and rehabilitation related nursery.

This interdisciplinary team warrants an individual design of the rehabilitation and therapeutic program in view of the specific demands of each patient and its condition.  
 A competent team of doctors is continuously available and present during the total rehabilitation period. The success of the processed therapy is permanently monitored. The aim of the complete therapy is to recover motion-ability and reach a status free of pain.



Accommodation is organized in single or double rooms (with phone, TV, bathroom)
for accompanying persons preferring to stay at the Reha-Klinik.

The  Reha-Klinik Hausbaden is located in between vineyards and woodlands on the hills of the southern Black Forest in the triangle of Germany, Switzerland and France.
The perfect hill side location allowes a beautiful view over the region of the “Markgräflerland”, the valley of the Rhine River and the Voges in France.

The region and the landscapes are influenced by the mild mediteranian like climate, the flora is dominated by historic vineyards, fruit farming, meadows and forests.
Beautiful sightseeing highlights and interesting historic cities like Freiburg/Germany, Basle/Switzerland and Colmar/France are located in the nearer region of Badenweiler.

The city of Badenweiler is one of the traditional health resorts in Europe with a history back to the famous Roman Empire.
Its unique location on the foots of the Black Forest Hill named “Blauen”, its historic castle, the restored Roman Thermal Resort and the fantastic Wellness Resort “Cassiopeia” are - besides the extraordinary park area - major highlights of the area.